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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Lesson from a Wise Man to 16 Year Olds

By: Odell Copeland

Listen up kids, if you have a special someone that cares about you and shares things with you then pay attention to them. Make sure to listen and learn from them because they won't lead you wrong, because they want to see you at the the top.of your game.

My leaders who taught me and made an impact on my life are my grandmother and fiance. The things my grandmother taught me were to be strong, never let a problem go without being solved, face my fears with pride, never follow blindly and to always lead myself. Even though she is not with me now, I can still hear her words of advice and I always remember her with love. I love you grandma for the words of wisdom. If she was with us here today she would be happy to see that I am making a change in my life, and putting what she  taught me to use, pushing forward with my goals.

My fiance showed me that I was using my leadership skills in the wrong way. She helped me turn around and use them in the right way. She also helped me realize that when I speak others open their ears to listen. That advice has been useful to make me a better speaker and listener, and I love her for that.

So kids what I am really saying is just take the time and listen to those trying to advise and help you, because they don't want to see you hurt  or in a bad predicament. Your trusted advisors want you to do the things a 16-yr old should be doing. If your role model is older than you, then give them respect as they probably will know more than you and know what it takes to get where you need to go. Take the time to listen rather than block it out cause they are only trying to help.

Listen to my advice, a letter from a wise man.


Odell Copeland is 32 years old. He is a student in I Can Lead, a leadership re-entry development program at Howard County Detention Center, managed and provided by I Can Lead, a program of the Islamic Leadership Institute of America. Odell lives in Howard County, he loves his family, and enjoys working with young people. He can be reached by contacting I Can Lead.

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